Instagram and TikTok Sharing Requirements

If you’re on this page, that probably means you’re interested in sharing my Instagram or TikTok videos. Below is a list of requirements that must be met in order to share my content on your Instagram or TikTok account. Any deviation from this list will result in a DMCA copyright strike against your account. Remember that you are sharing my video and I hold all rights. I work hard to capture this footage.

  1. The tag “credit: @deepskydude” goes at the top of your post description.
  2. My original music MUST remain on the video. I know that one Hans Zimmer song is sweet, but that’s not the song I chose for that video. If you wish to share my content, my original song must remain on that video.
  3. Any of my content posted to pseudo-science based pages will be instantly DMCA’d. If you think the Earth is flat, my content is not for you to share.
  4. The description I write must remain in the video description.
  5. No watermarks. EVER. I don’t put watermarks on my videos because I believe it ruins the video. If you add your watermark to my video, I will file a DMCA no questions asked.
  6. You can only share my Instagram or TikTok videos on those platforms. Do not take my Instagram video and upload it to YouTube. That DMCA thing… I’ll use it.
  7. No Multi-posts. My content must be the only thing shared on the post.
  8. As more content leeches steal my stuff, I’ll add more here as needed. I reserve the right to amend and update this requirement list without notice.

Thanks! 😆